Dog Parks in Cache Valley

In Nilbey City we all love our dogs, they encourage outdoor activity, and offer companionship. Often dog owners want to socialize their dogs with other dogs this can be accomplished at a dog park. Although Nibley City does NOT currently have a dog park, there are a few dog parks close by that offer dogs and their owners a chance to socialize and enjoy offleash activities.

Rendezvous Park
1500 South US-91
Logan, UT 84321


Blacksmith Fork Dog Park Park
1570 Hyrum Blvd
Hyrum, UT 84319


All Nibley City parks require dogs to be onleash and connected to their owner at all times. Dogs are NOT allowed on athletic fields as designated by fencing or painted lines, or in Firefly Park at any time (Firefly Park is just west of Virgil Gibbons Firefly Park).As a dog owner thank you for your cooperation in exploring our public spaces responsibly and cleaning up after your pet.

Nibley Parks Dog ordinance and associated enforcement ordinances