Parks and Rec Advisory Committee

In our effort to offer Parks and Recreation that is both representative and relevent for our community,
a Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee and a Friends of Parks and Recreation group have been formed.

Interested in being a part of the Advisory Committee or Friends Group in the future?

Application application (youth council members) information

2019 Nibley Parks and Recreation
Advisory Committee

Chair Focus Name
Health and Wellness Pam Chapman
Nature, Conservation, & Outdoor Rec Alicia Ingersoll
Legacy Sierra Nelson
Athletics Cody Sorensen
Parks Trails & Open Space Rodney Tripp
Community Events Stacey Wright

Program and Event Ideas

Do you have a program, event, facility and or Parks and Recreation ammenity you feel our community should consider? The Committee will hear proposals in the August and Feburary meetings, presenters should submit their contact info and a breif description of their idea to be added to the Agenda.

Proposal Form