Nibley XC Ski Park – Nordic Track

CLOSED for the Season

Thanks in part to a Utah Outdoor Recreation Grant we secured from the Utah Governor’s office of Economic Development – Office of Outdoor Recreation and support from Nordic United, and others throughout the valley we are able to offer a unique seasonal opportunity right here in Nibley. Just minutes from most homes in the valley you can enjoy a FREE entry level cross-country ski experience within Heritage Park and adjacent Firefly Nature Park.

Virgil Gibbons Heritage Park/Firefly Park
2456 S 800 W, Nibley, UT 84321

CURRENT TRAIL CONDITIONS for our Nibley Nordic Track and other Nordic Trails in the Area.
(Thank you to Nordic United for providing this link)

current trail conditions

Our Grooming method

We start compacting snow when sufficient, then grooming for skate trails, and when conditions are right we will lay down classic track. The Nordic United Trail link will have the most up to date trail conditions. Please follow any trail closed signs, or other directionals, to help us to properly maintain trail conditions and your safety.

Walking, biking, and motorized vehicles (except for our grooming equipment) are NOT allowed on the groomed Nordic Track. Walking to cross cleared walking path and nordic trail intersections as indicated by signage is permitted.


Cross Country Skis are available at local retailers to purchase or rent.  Our course accomodates both Classic and Skating Nordic ski equipment, however we first groom for a skate ski course before laying down the classic track.  Wondering what the difference is between Classic and Skate Nordic Skiing? Watch this: (VIDEO)


Local Sporting Goods Store (Link) Sell Ski’s Rent Ski’s
Campsaver X  
The Sportsman X X
Al’s Sporting Goods X X

Trail Rules

Cross-Country Skiing Winter – Free vector graphic on Pixabay

  1. Do NOT walk or ski over classic tracks
  2. Do NOT use trails when conditions are too soft, when you sink in more than 1 inch
  3. All Nordic trail is multi-directional, please stay to the right and allow others to pass
  4. Snowshoing is allowed adjacent to the groomed trail use caution in the firefly park section since their are frozen wetland areas that may give way if you stray more than 5′ from the path. Please walk single file and stay to the side but parallel to the groomed trail.

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WINTER Walking on plowed pathways: New for 2019 our Nibley Parks department has created both groomed Nordic trail throughout Virgil Gibbons Heritage Park and Firefly Park and also expanded the plowed walking paths in both Clear Creek Park, Virgil Gibbons Heritage Park, and Firefly Park to expand our winter excercise options.  As a reminder dogs are not allowed in the Firefly park section (including winter months) and we ask that both skiers and pedestrians exercise caution at the intersections of plowed pathways and groomed nordic trail. 
Snowshoeing: is allowed adjacent to the groomed trail, however, use caution in the firefly park section since there are frozen wetland areas that may give way if you stray more than 5′ from the path.  Please walk single file and stay to the side but parallel to the groomed trail. 

Snow Bikes/Fat Bikes: are currently NOT allowed on our Nordic Track.  Nibley City is exploring the best way to accommodate both Snow bikes and XC Skiers.

Summer Fireflies:  Come back the middle of June through early July for your chance to see Fireflies in our Firefly Nature Park (adjacent to Virgil Gibbons Firefly Park) Guided tours offered by Stokes Nature Center

Nibley City has within its master plan a connection to the Logan City Trails by way of 800 W this will expand the trail options available to both communities once connected.  Until that connection is made consider connecting to the Logan trail system at the Logan Dog Park just north of Nibley City.

Learn to Ski: with our NEW Warming Shed and appropriate snowfall to support the event, we hope to offer a Learn to Ski experience with the suppport of Nordic United, and The Sportsman of Logan for the 2021 winter season.  Watch our social media for the most up to date information.  You can also follow Nordic United on Social media to get updates on their Skate Ski Clinic plans.  Nibley City will soon be breaking ground on an all season heated pavilion at Heritage Park near the baseball field, which will include heated bathrooms and will facilitate even more winter activity on our Nordic Track 

XC Races: With appropriate snowfall levels to support this type of event Nibley City and TUNA (The Utah Nordic Alliance) are exploring the possibility of hosting a Juniors XC ski event on our Nibley Nordic Track in coming years.

In addition to local sporting goods stores (see “Skis” above) Nibley City has collaborated with the following organizations who have offered support on several levels in the development, continued grooming, and use of our seasonal Nibley Nordic Track.

Utah Outdoor Recreation Grant (From the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development) -Financial Support
Cache Valley Visitors Bureau
Cache Valley Chamber of Commerce
Nordic United
TUNA (The Utah Nordic Alliance)
Stokes Nature Center
Common Ground
Thomas Edison Charter School
Nibley Elementary
Heritage Elementary