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Nibley Fit is a group fitness experience held at the Mountain Peak Volleyball Facility and City Hall, taught by certified instructors. 

see pricing facility rules and child policy

*Class held at Nibley City Hall
Schedule subject to change.

nibley fit schedule

Thanks to a partnership with Mountain Peak Volleyball, we now have access to space that is adequate for our growing fitness classes on the perfect fitness floor. Classes are available at the Mountain Peak Volleyball facility, or at city hall as noted below. 

Nibley City Hall

455 W 3200 S
Nibley, UT 84321

Only Yoga. Classes available for participants 11 and older.

Mountain Peak Volleyball

725 W 1940 S
Logan, UT 84321

All classes except for yoga.

Classes available to participants 11 years old and up. Other well behaved children are allowed at the Mountain Peak Volleyball facility.

Fitness Classes

Alterations to the class location will be announced in class, posted on the NibleyFit Calendar, and Nibley Fit Facebook page. We are open to explore other class offerings if there is interest and if the class is sustainable.

see pricing facility rules and child policy

Body Blast

If you want cardio and weights in one class then Body Blast is for you! In each class we will have an arm challenge followed by a leg challenge, and we always finish off with core work.  This total body workout can be modified for any fitness level and is sure to leave you feeling sweaty and strong. We will get your heart rate up by incorporating kickboxing techniques and working on agility all while burning calories.

Body Sculpt

Is a strength training class that targets all the major muscle groups of the body. In Body Sculpt we focus on progressively overloading the muscles to make them stronger. You’ll sweat and get your heart rate up, but won’t do a single jumping jack or burpee. Strength training helps you burn calories efficiently, strengthens bones, and improves your metabolism.

Cardio Kick

Cardio Kick is a group fitness class combining kick-boxing moves, choreographed cardio, and toning weights to fun, upbeat music. This high-energy workout is perfect for all age and ability levels. Cardio Kick is non-contact so bags and gloves are not a part of this class. It helps to build stamina, improve your coordination and burn calories all while having fun!

Cardio Sculpt

Cardio Sculpt incorporates cardiovascular exercises as well as weight training. The first half utilizes light weights and many repetitions to fun music and choreography. The second half incorporates heavier weights to achieve a progressive overload. HIIT exercises are included to spike the heart rate throughout the class.


Aerobics is back but bigger and higher with High Fitness. Come to class prepared to sweat! We party hard to a variety of music from nostalgic 70’s-80’s music to today’s greatest hits. High Fitness is interval training with jumping jacks, burpees and tuck jumps, etc. It’s a full body workout with tracks that not only provide cardio, but also muscle toning. The great thing is you can take it High or take it low, we show options to help each participant to get in the workout they are looking for.


Similar to HIGH fitness but lower impact, leading to less joint discomfort while still yielding important mental and physical benefits and improving overall fitness and cardiovasular health.  

Power Hour

Is designed to strengthen all major muscle groups. Through various weight lifting techniques participants will feel stronger while also periodically engaging in cardio activity to get a complete workout.


When you come to Tonetality, you can plan on the following: Targeted total-body exercises, low-impact, upbeat music keeps you motivated, weighted and non-weighted options (weights provided), strengthen, tone and sculpt muscles, boost metabolism and burn calories, easy-to-follow movements, and a variety of modifications for all levels.


Our yoga classes are down-to-earth and playful. They are a balanced combination of sustained and dynamic poses with attention to alignment, mindfulness and conscious breathing. A consistent yoga practice will create increased mental clarity and improve physical function and posture, as well as improved performance in all other sports and activities. All levels are welcomed and encouraged! We strive to adapt the poses to match the needs and interests of class members. Wednesday’s class is more of a dynamic flowing type of class, while Friday’s class is more resoratice and incorporates the use of Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls to massage and unwind pain and tightness throughout the body.



Emily believes “you can’t pour from an empty cup!” Our ability to help others comes in great part from first taking care of ourselves. Exercise is one way to do this, and Emily has found her love of exercise through REFIT®. REFIT® is a life-changing group fitness experience that rocks your body, heart, and soul with powerful moves and positive music, to inspire you from the inside out. Emily has been a certified REFIT® for more than 4 years and is excited to share this class with you!

Cammy discovered the multiple benefits of yoga in 2012 under the direction of a talented and mindful yoga teacher. With her B.S. degree in Exercise Science and Health Education from Utah State University, she realized the profound and far reaching effects yoga can have on a person’s health and wellness. It re-awakened the mind-body connection in her and has positively affected every aspect of her life, including injury rehabilitation and prevention. She is the wife of a yoga enthusiast and has witnessed the solid therapeutic effects that have benefitted him, as well as countless others. Cammy has focused her time and energy raising her 6 children and recently decided to build on her background with a 200 hour YTT certification from Yoga Assets in SLC, UT under the direction of Denise Druce. Cammy is registered with Yoga Alliance, and is also a Certified Group Fitness Instructor that connects easily with all participants. Cammy is excited to share the benefits of yoga with the citizens of Nibley City! Her goal is to create a warm, relaxed and fun environment in her vinyasa style yoga classes that challenge and relax the body and de-stress the mind. She loves to encourage people from all walks of life in their quest to take charge and improve their health.


Shaeli’s fitness experience started with going to classes with her mom, youth sports, and dance. Then group fitness and Latin dance continued throughout college at USU. After graduating, marriage, and four children, she is now certified in HIGH and Primary Group Fitness through AFAA. Shaeli has personally learned how exercise and staying active is key to healthy pregnancies and postpartum, both physically and mentally. She also loves people and the friendships she has made through the Nibley Fit community.

Annie ran cross country in high school and still really enjoys running for fun. She received her BS in Health Science, teaches High Fitness and has her primary group fitness certification through AFAA. She’s has had the opportunity to coach studio classes and teach indoor cycling and loves the energy and drive that comes from working out as a group. Annie has found through experience, that it is through fitness, friendship and other healthy habits that everyone can find a rich balanced lifestyle. Being a mom of 3 boys, she relies on group fitness to connect with friends (new and old) and to get in a good sweat.


Julia loves having balance in life. She is passionate about fitness, nutrition, and family. Participants in her fitness classes typically have a wide range of fitness levels, and she enjoys meeting and helping everyone where they are at. She developed a love for group fitness in Seattle where she taught many group fitness classes at the YMCA. As a certified AFAA group fitness instructor, Julias experience includes teaching body sculpting, HIIT, aquafit, and step.

Miranda (substitute instructor) found a passion for group fitness when she started attending classes with her mom. From there Miranda’s excitement for working out and HIGH Fitness only grew. She loves the way HIGH brings people together and pushes everyone to feel their best while having a party! HIGH Fitness has brought her, and those attending her class so many friends that wouldn’t have otherwise crossed paths. Miranda has enjoyed and embraced the Nibley Fit community and can’t wait to see you in class!


Fitness events

Scarecrow Fun Run October 7, 2023

Join the fun at the Nibley City Scarecrow Fun Run Family Fitness Event. This event is for the whole family, and includes a FREE mile and kids runs, plus an affordable 5K, 10K, and 10K Relay!

Online Registration closes temporarily @ 11:59pm Thur 10/5
Day of Reg available online @ 1 am and in person 7:30-8 am
Additional Facebook referal rebates also available.

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