Animals in Firefly Park

Firefly Park includes habitat for:
Migratory birds
Small Mammals
Migratory Butterflies
and other insects that frequent the polinator garden

Dogs are NOT allowed in firefly park due to the impact they have on the wildlife in the park especially the more than two dozen species of birds that reside in the park. The presense of dogs in this nature preserve also negatively impacts the overal park enviorment indluding the quality of the wetlands.

Dog Parks near Nibley City

Although dogs are allowed on leash on the pathways in Virgil Gibbos Heritage Park (just East of Firefly park). Dogs are NOT allowed on pathways or within any space at firefly park on or off leash.

All Nibley City parks require dogs to be onleash and connected to their owner at all times. Dogs are NOT allowed on athletic fields as designated by fencing or painted lines, or in Firefly Park at any time (Firefly Park is just west of Virgil Gibbons Firefly Park).As a dog owner thank you for your cooperation in exploring our public spaces responsibly and cleaning up after your pet.

Nibley Parks Dog ordinance and associated enforcement ordinances