Mayor Of Nibley City

Mayor Larry Jacobsen

I am humbled and honored to be Nibley City’s Mayor. I came to Cache Valley 43 years ago to attend Utah State, and my wife, Becky Yeager, and I moved to Nibley 25 years ago where we raised our two daughters, Taylor and Brooke. I have enjoyed a rewarding career as an electrical engineer, with the last thirty years at Campbell Scientific. Becky and I love the strong and vibrant community that we share with Nibley Citizens, and we have tried to help build that community. Counting the time on the Planning Commission and City Council, I have spent 19 years on Nibley governance. These days, I am splitting time between engineering and being the Mayor for Nibley City.

My goal as mayor is simple. Help make you proud to live in Nibley.

You are my boss, and I am always interested in hearing from the boss. Please call me, text me, or send me an email.

(435) 512-7495

[email protected]