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Economic Development Map

The Governor’s Office of Economic Development and the Economic Development Corporation of Utah have launched an interactive economic development map that is now available online at LOCATE.UTAH.GOV. The site helps businesses find the critical infrastructure information they need to make site selection decisions.

The tool allows users to explore the state’s broadband availability, utility information, transportation, workforce and lifestyle features. It also allows developers to evaluate potential locations and print customized reports with detailed summaries of available infrastructure. Users can see the natural gas footprint, service areas for electricity, and responsible utility providers, distances to airports, major roads, and rail lines for any area of the state. 

Click on any point on the map and it will generate a summary for that point. Click on an address and the tool will display a customized report with a full referral of all of the services and amenities available at that location.

Abundant Affordable Land

Nibley City is a thriving community of 6,000, located just south of Logan, Utah and nestled in the mountains of Cache Valley. Since the turn of the century, Nibley has experienced rapid growth, averaging more than 300 new residents per year.  Nibley boasts two industrial areas on its western edge along US 89/91 that have recently attracted businesses such as Malouf Fine Linens, WiTricity, Campsaver and Stander.



You can find Cache Valley on US 89, the scenic route to the Tetons and Yellowstone.  Just ten minutes up US 89 from Nibley, you’ll enter the Cache National Forest via Logan Canyon, a National Scenic Byway.  US 89 will take you past Beaver Mountain, a first class ski resort, and on to Bear Lake, one of the Intermountain West’s most popular getaways sometimes referred to as the Caribbean of the Rockies.  Go to for more information or come by to visit and you’ll find out why Cache Valley is frequently ranked as one of America’s best places to live, work and play.

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Highly Educated Work Force

Nibley is part of the MSA with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. There is a highly educated workforce – 35% have a bachelor’s degree or higher, and it is fastest growing community in Cache County, a testament to the value people find in Nibley.  Nibley City has about 50 employees and a $6 million dollar annual budget.

Quiet Family Community

Among America’s SAfest Places

Nibley City is part of the safest metropolitan area in the nation It continues to be blessed today with great schools, green parks and beautiful neighborhoods. The average household income is $73,000/year.

Nibley City

ANd its Idyllic Quality of life

Located in the beautiful Cache Valley, about 80 miles north of Salt Lake City, Nibley has historically been a rural farming community but is coming of age as a wonderful place for families. It continues to be blessed today with great schools, green parks and beautiful neighborhoods.

Nibley City was settled in 1855, incorporated in 1935, and by the year 2000 had grown to about 2,000 residents. Although that growth has moderated from a peak of a few years ago, Nibley remains the fastest growing city in Cache County, a testament to the value people find in Nibley.

Located near Utah State University

Top Performing Schools

Cache Valley enjoys a wide range of cultural amenities, such as the Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theatre, the Cache Valley Civic Ballet, the American Festival Chorus and much more.  As the home of Utah State University, the Valley enjoys the perks that come with being in a college town, including nationally ranked football and basketball programs.

Nibley has 3 top-performing elementary schools and a brand new high school.

Nibley City

Many Green Parks to Enjoy

Nibley owns 135 acres of park land for families and community members to enjoy. Scenic views of the mountains are a beautiful backdrop for picnics, sports, and nice walks around the park.

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