You must be the property owner to put utilities in your name.
Proof of ownership is required.

All dogs must be licensed with the city.

Welcome to Nibley City. We hope you enjoy living here in our wonderful community. To obtain utility services from Nibley City you will need to sign up by filling out the Utility Service Agreement. You can find the Resident Information Sheet and other useful information below. Again, welcome to Nibley City.

When you move, you will need to notify the Driver License Division of your new address within 10 days. For more information, visit their website (www.driverlicense.utah.gov) or the Driver’s License Division (110 E 700 S in Logan) or call 752-0332. The state assigns a $50 fine for non-compliance.

Due Date

Payments are due on or before the 20th of each month. Penalty fees are applied after the 20th for late payments, as stated in the Utility Agreement. Residents may pay bills online using our Online bill pay service.

online bill pay

Utility fees

Water Rate (Starting Oct 1, 2020)


1 inch meter 
2 inch $35
3 inch $65
4 inch $90
5 inch $95
6 inch $105


0 – 5,000 Included in base rate $15.50
5,001 – 40,000 $1.05
40,001 – 65,000 $1.10
65,001 – 100,000 $1.15
100,001+ $1.35

64 Gallon Trash Container – $15.00
96 Gallon Trash Container – $15.99
Sewer – $55.00
Residential Storm Water – $8.00
911 Communication Fee – $3.00
Blue Recycling Container – $5.00
Green Waste Container – $5.00 (optional)
EMS Fee- $5.00
Shut Off Reconnect Fee – $50.00

Seasonal Disconnect Form (email to Wendy Lindberg) 2022-2023 Fee Schedule

Wendy Lindberg 

Utility Specialist

Nibley City Green Waste

We are sorry to announce that Logan City has discontinued the green waste service located at 3390 S 1200 W. Waste Management will still be picking up green waste cans but the community bins will no longer be available to residents. 

Nibley residents can still bring green waste to the Logan City Green Waste Facility located at 153 N 1400 W in Logan for free. This facility is open year-round, Monday–Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Residents may order a green waste can for their home by calling Nibley City at 435-752-0431.