Youth Sports Holiday Sale

2023 Youth Sports Holiday Sale

HOLIDAY SALE: Have your children ever told you they were bored (while surrounded by toys), are they staring at screens all day, are you tired of them sitting around? Nibley City Recreation can change all that, while giving them an opportunity to be more active, make friends, and have something to look forward to Spring, Summer and Fall in 2024. When you sign up for a Nibley City Recreation Youth Sports program between November 24th – December 8th, you will receive:

  • Early Bird Registration Price
  • Certificate for the 2024 Program(s) registered for
  • A Gift for your child to open! (While supplies last)

Take advantage of this opportunity to make your youth’s 2024 sports registration a gift before the sale ends!

2024 Youth Sport Programs:

Indoor SUPER STARt Soccer Clinic (3-4 y.o.)
Outdoor Classic T-Ball (5-6 y.o.)
Ultimate Frisbee (2nd-12th Grade Leagues
Pickleball Lessons (3rd-8th Grade)
Outdoor Spring & Fall Seasons (PreK-12th)
Girls 1st-8th Grade & COED High School
Youth Cross Country (9-14 y.o.)
Fall Flag Football (1st-9th Grade Leagues)
Indoor SUPER STARt T-Ball Clinic (3-4 y.o.)
Boys Baseball (1st-8th Grade Leagues)
Nerf Tag Camps (7 y.o. and up)
COED Kickball (7th-12th Grade Leagues)