Christmas Decorating Contest | Nibley Lights Tour 2023

Enjoy a self guided tour of Christmas lights in Nibley (map available on Nov 29th) 

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Herald Journal Article

Award Family Address:
Overall Presentation 1st Weston 4017 Hollow Rd
Overall Presentation 2nd Olsen 3384 South main
Overall Presentation 3rd Ferre 2314 S Clear Creek Cir
Special Effects 1st Bigelow 2527 South 1000 West
Special Effects 2nd Owens 359 West 3300 South
Special Effects 3rd Bingham 431 West 3400 South
Best Theme 1st Pickett 2269 South 650 West
Best Theme 2nd Tervort 3455 South 620 West
Best Theme 3rd Hagman 2660 South 660 West
Best Theme Harley Davidson Stephen 1151 West 2400 South
Christmas Classic 1st J.Parker 3061 Maple Valley Rd
Christmas Classic 2nd Buchanan 472 West 3220 South
Christmas Classic 3rd Last 3282 South 1380 West
Griswold 1st Hoopes 2233 South 650 West
Griswold 2nd Olsen 3384 South main
Griswold 3rd Blad 2253 Clear Creek Rd
Honorable Mention Galvin 2726 South 1150 West
Honorable Mention Hansen 2664 South 1100 West
Honorable Mention Rolf 2238 Clear Creek Rd
Honorable Mention T. Parker 1568 West 3300 South
Impressive Entry Baca 1050 West 2980 South
Impressive Entry Franke 2817 South 1150 West
Impressive Entry Mckee 2946 South 515 West
Impressive Entry Pink 571 West 2775 South
Impressive Entry Wise 3225 South 520 West

Other notable Christmas Lights in Cache Valley: 

Family/Business Address: Preview Links
Green Family Lights 1273 East 330 South
Hyrum, UT. 84319
Preview Link Facebook
Ferris Derbidge 421 E 600 S, Hyrum 84319 Preview Link Facebook
Quiggle (Nibley Alumni) 480 E 25 N MILLVILLE, UT 84326
Elevate Pest Control 60 W 1000 N Logan, UT 84321  Instagram Reel of Show
Smithfield LIghts 120 E 520 N Smithfield, UT 84335 Facebook Preview
Cliffside Lights 56 N 1170 E Logan, UT 84321 Facebook Preview 
Dave and Cindy Perkes 1536 E 2000 N North Logan, UT Facebook Preview

Nibley Contest Registration CLOSED

Contest Rules:
1-Participation is open to all Nibley residents.
2-Contest is limited to what can be seen from the street side of the house at night.
3-Submitting this entry form allows Nibley City Recreation permission to use any images or video of the decorated home for promotional purposes.
4-Living humans or live animals are not allowed as part of the display.
5-Category winners must display the category award lawn sign & sponsor sign until Dec 31st
6-Only qualified entries will be included in the Nibley Lights Tour and prize drawing.

Deadline for all entries is Nov 28th @ 5 pm. Judging will then take place on Nov 29th & 30th (Judges decisions are final). Winners will be presented with fabulous prizes and award signs at their home on Dec 1st or 2nd. We request that participants keep their houses decorated through the holiday season for the deLIGHT of the community.

FREE Entry for Nibley Residents

Category Descriptions:

Griswold: think of Clark W. Griswold of the Christmas Vacation movie.  These entries have a significant number of lights, on multiple surfaces.  Some of the past entries have added themed elements from this specific movie.

Best Theme: these entries have an obvious harmonious theme

Special Effects: many of these entries set their lights to music, and or include a moving display.

Christmas Classic:  think of Thomas Kinkade or Norman Rockwell, these are vintage style classic lights and decoration displays that are almost timeless.

Category Registration:

While every entry will be eligible for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for “Overall Presentation” awards entries must select an award category they are presenting.  Each award category will have a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and honorable mentions.  Entries will be eligible for only one award and the categories include: Best Theme, Griswold, Special Effects, and Classic Christmas.  Judges do however, reserve the option to offer an award in a different category than registered for if they feel it fits, and may also to create an original award title as needed to recognize exceptional original work.


Individuals from Nibley and beyond including City Staff, Nibley Public officials from our Parks and Recreation Committee and Friends Group, and our Nibley City Council will evaluate entries for category awards.  Preliminary Judges will determine the entries that qualify for, judging, the prize drawing, and the Nibley Lights tour and may choose to limit the total number of entries for all of the above.

Awards & Prizes:
Top entries receive lights, candy, and other Christmas items along with an award sign to display at their home.

Drawing Prizes:
Event sponsors are exploring what they might offer contest participants.  Every entry will be eligible for these prizes.  Details will be posted as they become available.


Registration Closed for 2023