Raya Movie in the Park JULY 2021

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Friday July 9th

Movie @ Dark (Approx. 9pm)

Join us at the park along with Raya for an epic quest for the DRAGON GEM!
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Pre-Show Activities 7:30pm

Demonstrations brought to you by our friends from Master Evans Martial Arts and Family Fitness. There will be an opportunity to be instructed as you try some martial arts for FREE. Master Evans is also raffleing off: 1 full month of FREE classes with a uniform included!

The same epic course available at Nibley City Heritage Days will be available for you to train to become a guardian of the Dragon Gem as you race an opponent through our amazing course.

While Tongs friends have turned to stone inside the fort you can play one of our favorite games in Nibley around them. Keep at leat one eye open if the Druun (ball) is headed your way.

Help Raya escape Cheif Virana and her cats from Fang as you race for the one thing Cats and Drunn hate WATER!

Start at the info booth for your map of Kumandra, complete the challenges in each land and return to the info booth for your bag of candy (available to the first 100) and your own Dragon Gem!

Credit NOT accepted, but if you work for it you may go home with some nice souveniers.

Meet-and-greet live and in person Raya the guardian of the Dragon Gem. Snap a photo of this legendary warrior and ask her if she still has a little Jackfruit Jerkey.

Movie @ Dark (Approx. 9pm)
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