Emperor’s New Groove Movie in the Park

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FriDAY Aug 27 @ 7pm

Movie @ Dark (Approx. 8:45pm)

Join us at the park for an adventure with Kuzco the Llama as we enjoy the Emperor’s New Groove!
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Movie @ Dark (Approx. 8:45pm)

Meet Kuzco the Llama and his Alpaca friends at the meet and greet petting zoo.

Practice brought to you by ‘Just Jump In’! Come learn how fun jump roping can be!

Navigate over, under and through obstacles back to the palace just like Kuzco/Patcha and or Yzma/Kronk did.

You’ve fallen into a pit of Jaguars with Kuzco and now it’s time to be the last one standing! Be careful, the jaguars may pounce!

Come make a Llama potion and see if you turn into a Llama! Brought to you by Nibley City Recreation

Find all the Emperor’s New Groove Characters around Anhder Park! Take a picture at each one with friends/family. Then be one of the first 10 to complete and turn in your scavenger hunt photos, to be first in line at Kuzco’s Birthday party to take a swing at the pinata! Brought to you in part by Thomas Edison Charter school

At 8 pm the first 10 kids that have completed the Scavenger Hunt will be able to take a few wacks at the Yzma chicken pinata all viewers eligible for FREE falling candy! Then all will be able to enjoy a piece of Kuzco’s birthday cake thanks to Cytiva.

Imagine this will help you look like Inca Royalty with an impressive craft.

Little Wonders will be creating a slime potion with your help! Just like Yzama would in her secret lab

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Movie @ Dark (Approx. 8:45 pm)
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