Parks and Rec Master Plan Update

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Nibley City is updating the Parks and Recreation Masterplan and we need your CONTINUED INPUT to get it right.

Plan Update Status:

Thank you to all who completed the survey, and to those that made an extra effort to distribute the survey to demographics we initially had not reached at the beginning of the community outreach process.  We are excited to report that the survey is statistically valid and representative of Nibley City.  The consultant for the master plan update also collected valuable data from residents of surrounding communities that participate in our Nibley recreation programs, and events, and or utilize our park facilities. Data and concepts have now been reviewed by the Parks and Recreation Committee, Nibley Planning and Zoning, and will be reviewed by Nibley City Council on 11/9/23 at council meeting that evening 

Detailed Survey Results
Park Specific Survey

With the help of signage at the parks, we asked what you like, what could be improved, and what needs to be added to our main existing parks in Nibley including: Anhder Park, Elkhorn Park, Heritage Park, Firefly Park, and Clear Creek Park.

Park Specific Survey Results

Sept 15th Community Table Top Discussions @ Food Truck Round Up

At this event we explored plan priorities and processed public comment regarding recent survey data findings.  Feedback provided will guide Parks and Recreation master plan concepts that will be reviewed by city staff, the Nibley Parks and Recreation Committee, and Nibley City Council.  Thank you to all that attended and participated in the table top discussions.  The general public can provide further comment at the Nibley Parks and Recreation Committee meetings and at City Council.