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THE NIBLEY 411 We want to inform you, need participation in programs and events and input on critical questions in Nibley!  Links in BLUE Thank you for being a part of our wonderful community, we look forward to enjoying some sunshine with you this summer! First we need your input on this critical item: Nibley

USU Wellbeing Survey 2024

How has the USU Wellbeing Project Reports helped Nibley City? DRIVING DECISIONS TO UPDATE PLANS: MASTER PLAN UPDATE: Based on the results of previous USU Wellbeing project data, the Nibley City Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee recommended to our Nibley City Council prioritizing an update to the Parks and Recreation Master Plan, a project we


Beginning March 13, 2024, 1200 West will be closed to traffic from 2900 South to 2500 South to facilitate an ongoing road and utilities project. The closure will be ongoing through most of the summer with intermittent openings and additional closures to facilitate construction. Road closures are necessary for protection of work crews and the efficient completion