Nibley City’s Flag

In 2022 at Nibley City Heritage Days we are introduced a new flag. In 2021, Nibley’s City Manager, Mayor Dustin, and Nibley City Councilmember, Nathan Laursen worked together to synthesize a design based on the input from the contest, the Northwest Band of the Shoshone, and the Flag Design committee with the following outcome:

Where the symbolism represented is as follows:

  1. The cross is the same design used by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for their brand at the Elkhorn Ranch established in present-day Nibley in 1855. It represents the resiliency of those early settlers during the severe winter of 1855 and the continued strength of citizens today. The cross also represents the four seasons and the heritage of the four groups that helped establish our community. It is symbolic of the strength of working together and a compass giving direction to follow the city mission and plan.
  2. Gold is the color of aspen leaves, sunshine, agriculture, industry, the fall harvest and a prosperous future.
  3. The dark blue field represents open space and is symbolic of the safety our community provides and the loyalty and work ethic of Nibley residents.
  4. The red band represents the love and passion of our community to make life better for each other. It represents our energy and recreation.
  5. The light blue line, a color of the Shoshone, the first people here, represents our springs, rivers, streams and canals providing the water that sustains life and the basis of the incorporation of the city in 1935.
  6. Green is associated with nature and growth. The green line represents the grass, plants and trees and reminds us to develop the city in harmony with its natural environment. It represents the prosperity, stability, and good fortune that comes from hard work.

It is hoped that this design will identify, unify and inspire the citizens of Nibley.


We want to thank our former Mayor, Shaun Dustin for all of his hard work in making this happen!