Halloween Goose Chase!

CUSTOM FAMILY FUN on your schedule

Sign up your family team for FREE, and complete fun challenges to earn raffle tickets for your chance at fabulous prizes. Challenges include unique Nibley experiences, may be Halloween themed, or are fun random challenges and trivia. Plan on an experience suitable for all ages, and even more fun than chasing a goose. Come back here on October 21st and or follow us on Nibley, Utah Facebook for details on how to join the chase!


  1. Gather your team and select an Honorable Captain (Hint: Pirates generally do not make good Captains regardless of what you see in movies) Teams can be a family, friend group, work place department, or similar.
  2. Select one mobile device for your team: this will be used to submit all photos, videos, and scavenger hunt/trivia answers. IMPORTANT NOTICE: ALL photos and videos are accessable to all teams playing and Nibley City.
  3. Download the Goose Chase App: from the app store of course, and create a log in,
    the app icon looks like this:
  4. Search for a Game: and select “Nibley City Halloween Goose Chase”
  5. Play until 11:59 pm on 10-31-20 (Halloween)
  6. Prizes?: Watch the Facebook Live Raffle on Mon Nov 2nd @ 5:30 pm to see what and if you won fabulous raffle prizes (Direct Link to Page: Nibley, Utah Facebook)

Gift cards to: Al’s Sporting Goods, Cache Valley Fun Park, Elevations Rock Gym, and Walmart with Toblerone Swiss Chocolate! available for the raffle. A coveted Nibley Recreation Ultimate Pass is also a part of the raffle!!!

Maximize your Raffle Tickets by scoring more points:
1 Ticket 10,000 points
2 Tickets 90,000 points
3 Tickets 140,000 points
5 Tickets 180,000 points