Goose Chase Discovery Hunt 22′

Heritage Days Discovery Hunt

Sign up your family team for FREE, and complete fun challenges for a chance at fabulous prizes. Challenges include unique Nibley Heritage Days experiences, and or fun random challenges. Plan on an experience suitable for all ages, and even more fun than chasing an actual goose.


  1. Gather your team and select an Honorable Captain (Hint: Pirates generally do not make good Captains regardless of what you see in movies) Teams can be a family, friend group, work place department, or similar.
  2. Select one mobile device for your team: this will be used to submit all photos, videos, and scavenger hunt/trivia answers. IMPORTANT NOTICE: ALL photos and videos are accessable to all teams playing and Nibley City.
  3. Download the Goose Chase App: from the app store of course, and create a log in,
    the app icon looks like this:
  4. Search for a Game: and select “2022 Nibley Heritage Days” or just search code: NIbley
  5. Keep playing until it is over!

Fabulous prizes for top performing teams including:
Your own Family Reunion Goose Chase Hunt (first place). Smaller Goose Chase hunts (For second and third place) and other fabulous prizes from local businesses.

So get out there and have some fun, and enjoy watching friends, neighbors, and random people that will soon be friends do the same!

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