Christmas Decorating Contest | Light Tour 2022

Enjoy a self guided tour of Christmas lights in Nibley

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Awards & Prizes

Award Family Address:
Overall Presentation 1st Weston 4017 Hollow Road
Overall Presentation 2nd Bingham 431 west 3400 south
Overall Presentation 3rd Ferre 2314 S Clear Creek Cir
Special Effects 1st Bigelow 2527 S 1000 W
Special Effects 2nd Owens 359 W 3300 S
Special Effects 3rd McBride 2731 S 1550 W
Best Theme 1st Pickett 2269 s 650 w nibley
Best Theme 2nd Crawford 3296 S 1500 W
Best Theme 3rd Tervort 3455 S 620 W
Christmas Classic 1st J. Parker 3061 Maple Valley Rd
Christmas Classic 2nd Wallentine 235 W 4000 S
Christmas Classic 3rd Last 3282 S 1380 W
Griswold 1st Hoopes 2233 S 650 W
Griswold 2nd Salazar 2690 S 1000 W
Griswold 3rd Stephen 1151 West 2400 South
Rudolph Choice M. Olsen 3384 south main
Honorable Mention Olson 3263 s 470 w
Honorable Mention Buchanan 472 W 3220 S
Honorable Mention Kristin 1111 west 2680 south
Honorable Mention Rolf 2238 Clear Creek Rd,
Honorable Mention Blad 2253 South 700 West
Impressive Entry T. Parker 1568 W 3300 S
Impressive Entry Hansen 2664 south 1100 west
Award Presentation Photos for 2022

Alumni Awards!
A former Nibley Christmas Decorating Contest Legend (now lives in Millville) has an amazing Christmas display worth the drive!
Quiggle: 480 E 25 N MILLVILLE, UT 84326 (included on the Google online map)

Top entries receive lights, candy, and other Christmas items along with an award sign to display at their home.

Drawing Prizes:
Thanks to generous support from the organizations listed below ALL qualified *Nibley Lights Tour homes will be eligible for the following prizes:
-22″ table top griddle & accessory tool kit | From: Blackstone 
-Sleigh Rides | From: The American West Heritage Center
-Ski Passes | From: Cherry Peak Peak Resort

Special thanks to these generous sponsors for supporting the contestants and this Holiday tradition 
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