USU Wellbeing Survey 2024

USU is conducting a Wellbeing Survey of several Cache Valley Communities.   Please complete the survey for the town you live in:

Nibley Survey Hyrum Survey Wellsville Survey Providence Survey Logan Survey


Exploring Important questions about:
Indoor Recreation | Nature Parks | Library Services | Athletic Fields | Trails | Ice rink | Splash Pad | Playgrounds | Performing Arts | Open Space | Mental Health | Affordable Housing | and More.  What you share now guides our communities future.

Leading to Action:
The results of previous USU Wellbeing Survey data collected have led our community to take action on improving our wellbeing.  SEE DETAILS BELOW

PREVIOIUS YEARS USU Wellbeing Project Reports

How has the USU Wellbeing Project Reports helped Nibley City?

MASTER PLAN UPDATE: Based on the results of previous USU Wellbeing project data, the Nibley City Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee recommended to our Nibley City Council prioritizing an update to the Parks and Recreation Master Plan, a project we are finalizing this year.

INDOOR RECREATION STUDY: Based on the results of the survey data from the Parks and Recreation Master Plan update and data collected from the USU Wellbeing Project it was clear that a feasibility study to explore indoor recreation possibilities is our next step.  A consultant has already been hired to lead the feasibility project.

Recent Master Plan Update Survey Results

Thank you for being a part of shaping a healthy community!