ULTIMATE Showcase Game Nibley

Fri Oct 21st FREE Nibley Night Out

Enjoy the excitement of Ultimate Frisbee while watching the Riverhawks and Mustangs right here in Nibley under the lights @ Anhder Park. Admission is FREE and includes complementary hot chocolate for everyone.

Pre-Game Ultimate Frisbee Activities @ 5:30 pm and 1/2 time

High Jump: Jump high to grap one out of the air
Fast Throw: Checking the speed of your frisbee with a radar gun!
Sharp Shooter: Accuracy Throw

Post Game STOMP (youth dance) 20-30 min

(Drawing at 1/2 time, must be present to win)
-FREE Nibley City Recreation youth ULTIMATE FRISBEE registration (Summer of 2023)
-Duck and Dodge Nerf Tag Party:
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