Random Acts of Kindness

From NOW until January 31st

How to Play PAY IT FORWARD – Random acts of kindness: Easy as 1-2-3  

      1. Find or create an act of service (see IDEAS tab)
      2. Print PAY IT FORWARD pages for the recipient
        Printable PAY IT FORWARD page PDF (also available @ City Hall)
        PAY IT FORWARD cards (available @ City Hall)
      3. Perform the service (in person or anonymously give them pages or cards)

Send your Random Acts of Kindness stories & photos to: [email protected]

Ideas for All Ages

If you are getting impatient waiting for a random opportunity to brighten a day here are some ideas to inspire you: Make it anonymous and leave a pay it forward page or card.  OR when they say “thank you” just say: “don’t thank me just pay it forward.” OR when they say that was nice how can I re-pay you? just say: “Pay it forward”

Ideas for Parents and families:

  • Volunteer at the Live Nativity at the Morgan Farm in Nibley: More Info
  • Bake bread and doorbell ditch it
  • Take someone dinner
  • Help someone at the grocery store
  • Give someone flowers and thank you’s
  • Call a neighbor just to talk and see how they are doing
  • Pay for someone’s meal (at a restaurant) Hand the cashier a Pay it Forward card to give to them.
  • Buy someone groceries
  • Shovel sidewalks (especially near bus stops so kids won’t freeze)
  • Decorate someone’s porch for the Holidays
  • Give someone a ride to/from school
  • Offer to drive carpool
  • Give someone a heart attack. (Do it with the snowmen from “Frozen Fever” to change things up a bit)
  • Call someone to say I LOVE YOU!
  • Write thank you letters to important people in your life
  • Create a collage of smiling faces as a hello. (This could be done with a class or youth group. Take a picture of everyone smiling and have them all sign their picture with a special note. Put all these pictures on a poster or in a book and give them to your teacher. Could be done in a family as well.)
  • Go caroling as a family
  • Visit a nursing home
  • Spread the cheer to another community and encourage them to “Pay it Forward!”

Ideas for older kids and teenagers

  • Rake leaves
  • Shovel driveways
  • Babysit for free
  • Do any kind of yard work for a neighbor
  • Deliver a date night package (movie tickets/dinner gift cards/games & redbox/etc.) with yourself as the babysitter
  • Walk or wash someone’s dogs
  • Call someone to tell them how much they mean to you, or to give a simple thank you
  • Go play a game or chat with someone who might be lonely
  • Take out the garbage for someone
  • Help calm/entertain children in public places (grocery store, church, city park)
  • Walk home with someone after school or from the bus stop
  • Give someone a ride to/from school
  • Leave a nice note on someone’s car, door, etc. Don’t forget to include a “pay it forward” card
  • Mail someone a nice letter
  • Write a thank you to a teacher in your life
  • Tutor a neighbor or sibling in a subject they struggle in
  • Go caroling with your friends
  • Door bell ditch some treats
  • Offer to teach someone a skill

 Ideas for younger Kids

  • Help your siblings rake leaves
  • Color someone a picture and deliver or mail it to them
  • Write someone a letter or note
  • Share toys with your friends
  • Help your parents make someone a treat
  • Give someone a hug
  • Go visit someone you think needs it
  • Say thank you to your teacher
  • Be nice to your siblings and friends
  • Help your mom in the kitchen
  • Help your siblings with their homework
  • Play with someone who looks lonely
  • Loan a toy or give one away 

Prize Wheel PAY IT FORWARD Events:

Halloween BOOnanza:  Oct 25th 6-8 pm
Holiday Open House:  Dec 10th  2-4 pm


You can play the PAY IT FORWARD game as many times as you want! WARNING this may form an addictive habit of kindness and you will be surprised at what this game will do for you.

We would love for all our wonderful Nibley citizens to share their kindness and or be the recipient of an act of service, however, please don’t limit this to city limits. Share the joy with family, freinds, or random people no matter where they live!

@ City Hall, the business size PAY IT FORWARD card is perfect for your wallet or purse, When you do something nice and someone says ” thank you, I owe you, or how can I repay you?” you can hand them the card and say: “Just PAY IT FORWARD”.

Start with a random act of kindness for a family member, do something anonymous for a neighbor or friend. The more you PAY IT FORWARD the easier it gets.

You are not required by law to post the PAY IT FORWARD sign it just helps others to identify where they can share the joy.

Please post the new sign in your front window or door, whoever it was will enJOY seeing it there. Then PAY IT FORWARD again.

Anonymity is half the fun, send an e-mail to: [email protected] and we can post your thank you to the blog. Then make your best guesses of who it might be and pay them them back with an act of kindness, worst case senario is you bring a smile to a random person that then passes it on.

Absolutely, join the fun and share the joy.

Once you recieve a random act of kindness please PAY IT FORWARD within a week if possible. Nibley City Recreation will sponsor this program through January 31st with printable cards and pages and will likely offer it again in the summer. However, feel free to continue the PAY IT FORWARD campaign as long as you want.