Intramural High School SOCCER – Coed

*** Registration Open ***

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Why Play with Nibley Rec?

-Request up to 3 Friends!
-Local Games on Saturdays
-Optional High School League group practice on Thursdays
-End of Season League Party at the Park!

Option for leadership: Ask about being a team leader

Game and Practice Locations: Games will be held in Nibley or North Logan, an optional group practice will be held on Thursdays for all players registered in Nibley at a Nibley City Park. Practice drills will be led by a Nibley City Recreation Staff Soccer Specialist with support from team leaders.

Program Details: This league is for ALL interested participants even if they have no experience with soccer or team sports. Although players that have previous competitive level soccer experience are allowed to register, this is not a league for players currently playing competitive soccer or playing for a high school soccer team. Although we anticipate some exciting team match ups, this league is focused on creating a fun, safe, and friendly atmosphere, where players can build leadership and social skills while also building confidence and soccer skills. This league also includes a fun FREE end of season party. 


*Early Bird Pricing: $45 Registration 1/3/24 to 2/14/24
*Regular Price: $55 Registration 2/15/24 until filled
(NO additional charge for credit card payments or online registration)

Registration is open until filled: Any registration requests once the program is filled will be considered through the Nibley Soccer Waiting List .  Every effort will be made to create an opportunity for those interested in playing.  

Waiting List: any available spots will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis which potentially may not occur until after games begin.

Refunds: If the entire season needs to be cancelled by Nibley City Recreation for this program for unforeseen circumstances, a full refund will be given to all participants.  Partial season cancelations by Nibley City for the same reasons will merit a partial refund. Participant initiated refunds are subject to cancelation fees outlined in the registration terms.

online registration waiting list Coming Soon


**Anticipated Season Dates: April – End of May or Early June
**Actual game schedule based on the number of players/teams. Games Conveniently held on Saturdays.

Soccer games for this league will be scheduled to avoid Nibley City high school Recreation League Coed Softball games.

Game Format (coed): Ultimately the team size and field size game format for this league depends on the total number of players registered and the number of teams we can build to create an interesting schedule.  This league may have a smaller roster of approximately 8 players and a 4v4 game format, which results in more ball touches for every player.  Or it may be closer to a 7v7 or 8v8 format with more players on a roster and a larger field and goal.  Either way it will be a fun experience and we anticipate that the league will grow every year.  The games are managed by the team captains with help from an adult team manager and referee focused on educating players and making it fun.   

Equipment:  the Nibley City Red/Blue reversible Soccer jersey is required for ALL players.  If you have not played in Nibley City, or if your jersey no longer fits, you may order one when registering for just $7, jerseys are issued at or before the first game.  Although athletic shoes are permitted, cleats are recommended, and shin guards are required.  We also suggest a water bottle to stay hydrated and playing their best.  Adult Team Managers are issued a team bag complete with soccer balls, cones, and other helpful coaching tools.

Pre Season Team Leadership Training: A Team Captain and Assistant Captain will lead the team with the support of a background checked adult team manager.  Captains and the team manager will attend the league meeting and will be equiped with a team bag and other coaching resources to help players and their team to make the most of the season.

Creating Rosters: We want to make the season fun for all participants. To make it fun, games need to be competitive. To make games competitive, teams need to have a balance of skill level. For this league we will do our best to honor up to 3 friend requests if it’s possible to do so while keeping team skill level balanced. For these requests all players should request each other (ex: Aiden requests Noah, Sophia and Abby. Abby requests Aiden, Noah, and Sophia). We will NOT accept entire teams signing up together it leads to unballanced league play and robs players of opportunities to make new friends.