Beard and Moustache Contest 2020

Tradition – Honor – Respect

Awards Posting 6-20

A simple virtual edition to our traditional Family Festivities contest this year. Contestants register, record and submit a 90 sec or less video at their convenience on or before Thur June 18th. Entries are eligible for fabulous prizes including thick cut bacon, tools, grilling supplies and gift cards to local restaurants. Be sure to finish off that facial hair on or before June 18th and make us proud that you are a part of our community! Top contestants may find a sign in front of their home celebrating their acheivement that will stay in place well after Fathers day for all to see and recognize your acheivement.

When is this Heritage Days Reinvented 2020 event? Well that is up to you, and will be at your convenience prior to the entry deadline. #HD-20 #NibleyAtHomeRec

pre-registration Form

Create a video presentation of your own beard, moustache, or sruff (90 sec or less) upload it to Facebook or YouTube. Then submit a link to the judges for review and a chance to win fabulous prizes, and or gift cards to support local restaurants! (see the Prizes tab for more info)

Video entry due on or before 11:59 pm Thur, June 18th
This Heritage Days Reinvented 2020 video recording event can be held at your convenience any time before the entry deadline.

See the Rules and Contest Tips tabs for instructions on HOW TO ENTER TO WIN


  • Have Facial Hair
  • Pre-register to enter the FREE At Home Beard and Moustache Contest!
    Submit your entry video on or before 11:59 pm Thur June 18th

(Pre-registered participants will receive instructions on how to submit their video)

contest tips

  1. Part of this contest is the facial hair and part of it is the presentation
  2. The bearded, stashed, or stubbled participant does not have to present themself. If you are a little shy, consider having a spouse and or others present and tell your story. You do have to be in the video to qualify as an entry.
  3. This is no time to be humble or shy about your greatness. Think of the values you represent Tradition – Honor – Respect. Consider expressing why you have facial hair.
  4. Consider telling a real or made up story of your beard, stach or stubble, Share a good story even if it is not true, unless the facts are more compeling.
  5. Consider mentionig how long it took to grow your beard and what maintenance is involved compared to the clean shaven option.
  6. While you have up to 90 seconds your story may only require far less to communicate. There may be some strategy here.

TIP: the judges will be watching to see if in addition to e-mailing your entry, you also post your video to social media and use #HD-20 or #NibleyAtHomeRec on Social Media (be sure your setting is on public not private at least during judging)

pre-registration form

Winners announced on the Nibley City Facebook Page
on or before June 20th @ 6 pm
(Contestants will receive a text when posted)

Thick Cut Bacon

Tools: a gift card to your favorite local hardware or specialty tool store

Grilling supplies: who doesn’t need these?

Winner Sign!: Top contestants may find a sign in front of their home celebrating your achievement. The sign will stay in place well after Fathers day for all to see and recognize your achievement.

We anticipate that most if not all entries will receive a gift card from one of these wonderful restaurants this year.