City council

Garrett Mansell

Garrett grew up in what once was the small town of Sandy, Utah. As the oldest of eight kids, he learned very young in life the importance of hard work, responsibility, and service to others. As an ambitious teenager, with dreams of owning a truck, he went to work on a few dairy farms in Preston, Idaho. This is where he first came to love Cache Valley and worked hard every day to accomplish his goal. Eventually, he was able to buy a rundown old truck that did not run. Garrett took an automotive class in high school and learned how to fix the truck and get it to run. This hard work made him love it even more. After a mission to Brazil, Garrett married his sweetheart Paige, who had supported him throughout his service. They now have been very blessed to have five amazing children. After returning home from his service, he attended LDS Business College and Salt Lake Community College. When the opportunity came to move to Cache Valley in 2008, Garrett’s family jumped at the opportunity. He has now worked for Northern Title Company for fifteen years and has also spent twenty-three years researching property records. Cache Valley was a frequent place to visit for their family before moving up here, and he said his family has been so happy in this area. When looking for a place to build what we considered our dream home in 2016, his family landed in Nibley. They have now lived in Nibley for eight years. The Mansell family loves Nibley because it is unique, has some of the greatest people they have ever known, and a wide diversity of opportunities. They love the rural feel, the animals, and the conveniences of living in this great city. Garrett is excited and honored to serve the citizens of Nibley.

[email protected] (435) 213-5654