Concussion Info – Policy

To help facilitate clear communication regarding this important matter Nibley City Recreation requires that all parents/guardians registering their child, and all adult participants, read and sign by hand or electronically to acknowledge that they have access to the information below and understand concussions, Nibley Cities policy, and everyones role in preventing and or managing an injury. All coaches are given all of the documents below for the same purposes.


Effective May 10,2011, Utah Code § 26-53-101 et seq. requires all amateur sports organizations to adopt and enforce a concussion and head injury policy. The City of Nibley recognizes that concussions and head injuries can result from contact in sports and have serious consequences if not properly evaluated and treated. Therefore, consistent with state law, the City has adopted its Concussion and Traumatic Head Injury Policy (Policy) in order to educate and to establish a plan of action for coaches, instructors/teachers, employees, representatives, or volunteers of the City (Agents) when a player (defined as an individual under the age of 18 years) suffers or is suspected of suffering a concussion during a sporting event.