10K Route Nibley Scarecrow Fun Run

  • Start and finish at Virgil Gibbons Heritage Park South pavilion. (simple loop)
  • Well marked course with arrows on cones and painted directional arrows on street
  • Where possible consider using sidewalks especially on 3200 S. Please be aware of vehicles at intersections, although there is no traffic control (except for 800 W at near the finish line), cars should yield to runners and pedestrians on the entire route. However, for your safety, please be aware and cautious of distracted drivers.
Route Detail Interactive Map Printable Map 10K Route

Turn by Turn Directions:

  • Start at the South Pavillion of Heritage Park 2456 S 888 W, Nibley, UT 84321
  • Head West on 2450 S/Nibley Park Ave toward S 1000 W
  • Turn Left Head South on 1000 W toward W 2600 S
  • Turn Right (before the Church) and head West through the lawn @ Sunset Park
  • Turn Left and follow the sidewalk/trail (just west of the Church) towards Nibley Gardens Park
  • Turn Right @ the sidewalk/trail intersection head West towards 1200 W (Run Through Nibley Gardens Park)
  • Turn Left @ 1200 West and head South toward 3200S
  • Turn Left on 3200 S toward 640 West
  • Cross when safe to the South side of 3200 S going Westbound
  • Turn Right on 640 W head South toward 4000 S
  • Turn left onto 4000 S Head east toward 280 W
  • Turn Left onto 280 W Head North to 3200 South
  • Turn Left onto 3200 South Head East toward Anhder Park
  • Run West through the North end of the Anhder Park parking lot and through the opening in the softball field.
  • Exit the Anhder park softball near the park bathroom building head continuing West toward Elkhorn Ranch Rd
  • Cross the road safely to the North side of 3200 South continuing West
  • Turn Right on 500 W/Elkhorn Ranch Rd head North toward 2600 South
  • Turn Left onto 2600 S head West
  • Head West on W 2600 S toward S 660 W
  • Cross the road safely to the North side of 2600 South heading West
  • Turn Right onto S 660 W/Gibbons Ln (near Nibley Elementary)
  • Go North on 660 W/Gibbons Ln curves left and turns into 2450 S/Nibley Park Ave
  • Continue West bound on 2450 S/Nibley Park Ave to 800 W
  • Cross 800 W and continue West bound on 2450 S/Nibley Park Ave to 800 W to the Finish Line!