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Open Bids:
2019 Road Maintenance
2019 Road Maintenance Map 
2019 Road Maintenance Addendum #1
Design Standards and Specifications:
     Nibley City Design and Construction Standards and Specifications (updated 19 May 2016)
     Cache Valley Storm Water Design Standards
     Nibley City Ordinances

Public Works Director: Justin Maughan - 770-0727

Public Works Inspector: Steve Eliason - 890-0082

Building Inspector:  Austen Powell - 979-6488

Water and Sewer Department: Justin Pope - 994-0663

     Nibley City 2018 Consumer Confidence Report

    Nibley City 2017 Consumer Confidence Report

    Nibley City Sanitary Sewer Management Plan (SSMP)

Parks Department: Rod Elwood - 994-0670

Streets and Stormwater Department: Steve Eliason - 890-0082

      Nibley Stormwater Managment Plan   

      Nibley Construction General Permit SWPPP Template

      Nibley Common Plan SWPPP Template

     State of Utah Notice of Intent (NOI)



Contact - Justin Maughan

Public Works Director



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Mission Statement

The mission of Nibley City is to make life better for its citizens by fostering community cooperation so residents, businesses, and government work together to develop the City in harmony with its natural environment, historical surroundings, and in accordance with the values and vision of the community as set forth in the General Plan. The City will provide fiscally sound municipal services for a safe, attractive, creative, and viable community.