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Burning Invasive Weeds in WetlandsBurning Invasive Weeds in Wetlands  

You may have noticed burning recently in some of the wetland areas around Nibley.  This is being done to control a troublesome plant called Phragmites.  Phragmites is an invasive species, which means that it is not native to our area and that it threatens native animals, plants and our ecosystem.  Here is a link with more info about the problem plant: https://wildlife.utah.gov/habitat/ans/phragmites.php.

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We know that, in the short term, the burns are disruptive and upsetting to residents and wildlife. But, in the long term, we risk the loss of all of the native wetland habitat in Nibley if we don’t act. Our native wetlands are diverse, supporting more than 20 species of birds at our Firefly Park, for example.  The invasive weeds that are taking the ponds over have the potential to fundamentally change those ecosystems if we don’t act to eradicate them. 

It's a tough choice, but the advice we got was to burn the Phragmites in the spring. These weeds are extremely aggressive, and we still might not be able to make a difference, but we need to try. Our wetland ecosystems are part of what makes Nibley unique, so we understand that it’s not fun to think about the short-term damage from the burning.  

We also acknowledge that the burning left a layer of ash in many of your yards.  We apologize for the mess.  We were trying to time the weather and wind just right.  We got the rain right, which came down afterward and dowsed the hot spots, but the breeze changed directions and carried ash over some residential areas. 

Thank you for your patience and support as we create a wonderful community together.   

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Mission Statement

The mission of Nibley City is to make life better for its citizens by fostering community cooperation so residents, businesses, and government work together to develop the City in harmony with its natural environment, historical surroundings, and in accordance with the values and vision of the community as set forth in the General Plan. The City will provide fiscally sound municipal services for a safe, attractive, creative, and viable community.