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now-hiringNibley City Recreation offers continuous recruitment for qualified Group Fitness Instructors.  Under the general direction of the Recreation and Community Services Director, ideal candidates teach morning and or eveneing group fitness classes to help build a happy, healthy, connected community. Recruitment is continuous and positions are filled as they become available 

Nibley City Recreation offers several affordable options to add fun and excitement to your family party, family reunion, youth group activity, birthday party, or date night.  All of these pieces can be used at our parks or your own back yard and are available for up to 72 hours from the check out time for a very reasonable price.
Cost: $5.00/set (All equipment rents for the same price per set)
Deposit/Payment Process: residents will pay a $20 cash deposit/set upon equipment check out and will receive $15 back/set when the rental equipment is returned in good condition
Availability:all equipment is available on a first come first serve basis. 
Rental Term: 72 hours
Spike Ball
Spike Ball Set
As seen on Shark Tank, this fun new game that is taking over college campuses and is quickly becoming a date night favorite.  This two team 4 person game is a fast moving variation of beach vollyball that is played 360 deg around a round net you bounce the serve off of.  Two player teams set their teamate up for the perfect spike off of the net for their opponent play off of to score a point.   

4 player game

Broken/missing pieces or balls are subject to a $10/piece charge in addition to the rental fee 



Dating back to Viking times this unique game played in the mid-west and Western Europe is perfect for a family party, youth group, or group date.  Players toss a baton to knock down their opponents blocks and win the game by knocking over the king pin in the middle.  The game can be played by multiple generations since size and strength do not give players an advantage.  Warning this game is more fun than you would think and can be very addictive   

2-6 player game

Broken or missing pieces are subject to a $5/piece charge in addition to the rental fee

Corn Hole

Corn Hole
This mid-west classic game is perfect for a date night, family reunion tournament, or relaxing day at the park. Players simply toss a corn filled bag aimed to lland on the inclined board or through the "corn hole" to earn points.  Like KUBB size and strength do not give players an advantage making it another great game for multiple generations.  Warning this game is more fun than you would think and can be very addictive   

2-4 player game

Broken or missing bags are subject to a $5/bag charge, a broken or missing board is are subject to a $80 charge in addition to the rental fee 

Disc Golf Set

Disc Golf Sets
Disc golf discs that can be rented out to Nibley residents at the city office for use at the Sunrise Meadows Disc Golf Course in Nibley City, and or other courses throughout the valley.  Each set has a map of the Nibley course and three discs: a putter, a mid-range, and a driver. 
Set for 1 player
Broken or missing Lost discs/bag are subject to a $20/disc or bag charge in addition to the rental fee.

Nibley GNOME  

Gnome 1

Introducing Norm the Nibley City Gnome

Sometimes Norm the Gnome wanders the city and gets lost, we will need your help to find him and will reward you for returning him to the Nibley City Office. Please follow Nibley City on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/nibley  As we receive updated clues about where our Nibley City Gnome is we will post them on Facebook.  


Nibley City Gnome Search Rules

  1. Clues about the location of the Gnome will be posted on Facebook at random
  2. Once you find the Nibley City Gnome return it promptly to the Nibley City Office (during business hours) for a PRIZE Reward! Bragging Rights! and Good Karma.
  3. A prize will ONLY be awarded for the return of the NIBLEY CITY GNOME (has his own ID badge attached to his boot). Please leave any other Gnomes living throughout the city where they are and do NOT take or disturb private property or you will suffer the curse of the Gnomes!
  4. If you find the “Better Luck Next Time!” sign, you have found where he was but someone else found the Gnome first. Feel free to post a selfie with the sign and post it on the Nibley City Facebook to prove you figured it out, and LEAVE THE SIGN THERE.
  5. Nibley City reserves the right to add or change Gnome Hunt rules as Gnomania sets in.

rsz 1park sunny 3You may reserve the community center or our four park pavilions online. By clicking here, Online Facility Reservation, you will be able to see when these facilities are available and make reservations online. In order to pick up a key and to pay for a cleaning deposits, you will still need to come into the office the business day before your event. If you have any questions please call the city office at 752-0431.

Facility Reservation Fee Schedule

photo 4The new Sunrise Meadows Disc Golf Course in Nibley is open for use located at 2500 S 1200 W. This course has been included in the Cache Valley Unplugged program and also a tournament during Heritage Days. This is a fun 9 hole course, with improvements such as adding trees and grass coming soon. Click below for a map of the course.

Sunrise Meadows Disc Golf Course Map

Nibley City has disc golf discs that can be checked out to Nibley residents at the city office for use at the new Sunrise Meadows Disc Golf Course in Nibley City. Each set has a map of the course and three discs: a putter, a mid-range and a driver. There is a fully refundable $20 cash deposit required in order to check out each disc set.  If you have any questions, please contact the city office for more information.

NibleyBikeRoutesNibley City would like to encourage all of our citizens to experience our city's trails and routes system. Using these facilities can be a fun and healthy way to get around town and to exercise. We also urge our citizens to be safe while using our trails and routes. The following tips are some safety guidelines while using these facilities.


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Mission Statement

The mission of Nibley City is to make life better for its citizens by fostering community cooperation so residents, businesses, and government work together to develop the City in harmony with its natural environment, historical surroundings, and in accordance with the values and vision of the community as set forth in the General Plan. The City will provide fiscally sound municipal services for a safe, attractive, creative, and viable community.