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Baseball on the line
Registration for Nibley City recreation Baseball & Softball & T-ball (ages 3-14) is CLOSED 
*Please add your son or daughter to the waiting list we will do all we can to get them on a team: Waiting List. 

All skill levels are welcomed and needed and programs are available for youth from age 3-14. The focus is to build teamwork, leadership,learn the fundamental skills of the game, and enjoy the experience. If you have any questions, interest in coaching, and or interest in other program support opportunities, please contact Nibley City Recreation Director Chad Wright at: 435-752-0431 or chad@nibleycity.com

Registration Options: 

  1. Online Registration - Closed
  2. Click and print a form below and register at the Nibley City office: 
    1. Baseball Registration Form - Closed  Waiting List. 
    2. Softball Registration Form - Closed  Waiting List. 
    3. Classic T-Ball & SUPER STARt T-Ball - Closed  Waiting List. 
  3. Fill out registration forms at the Nibley City office  
    1. 455 W 3200 S Nibley,UT

Read More...(button below): for info on T-Ball | Softball | Baseball (divisions, games, format)

Tenative Season Schedule 

Softball has the following levels:  Ponytail for ages 6*-8 (coach pitch), and fast-pitch divisions: U10 (10 years old & under), U12 (12 years old & under), U14 (14 years old & under)

Baseball has the following levels:  Rookie for ages 6*-8 (machine pitch), Minors for ages 9-10, Majors for ages 11-12, and Pony for ages 13-14.

Playing up a division and 6* year olds options:  players interested in playing up a division must get prior approval from the Recreation Director and complete a Play Up Form with the exeption of 6 year olds.  Mature 6 year olds that have already played T-ball may register for the Ponytail or Rookie divisions (rather than T-ball) if they are comfortable advancing to the next division without completing a Play Up Form.  Parents are encouraged to consider developmental abilities beyond just athletic ability in requesting that their child up, and must complete a Play Up Form and hard copy registration form for consideration by the Recreation Director.      

Classic T-ball is available for ages: 5-6* is designed to teach the fundamental skills of Baseball/Softball in a fun and supportive atmosphere.  The 5-6 year old Classic T-ball division includes a 30 min outdoor instruction/practice with the players own team, prior to a 30 min outdoor T-ball game where everyone on the team gets to bat before the inning changes. These practices and games are held on Tue and Thur evenings.

SUPER START T-ball is available for ages: 3-4 is designed to teach the fundamental skills of Baseball/Softball in a fun and supportive atmosphere.  The 3-4 year old SUPER STARt division follows an award winning format where smaller "Team" groups rotate through a series of skills stations that teach fundamental skills and the basic rules of the game. The SUPER STARt program is held in a local elementary school GYM (Thomas Edison for 2018) and builds to an outside game experience at the end of the program.  Parents are encouraged to support the SUPER STARt team by helping their child participate.  Rotation through these SUPER STARt stations is timed to match the attention span of young players and builds to a final outside session where they play an onfield T-ball game and or rotate through outside on field stations/game experience to prepare them for the next division (Classic T-ball).  This program starts on April 26th, is held on Thursday evenings,  and is available in a 5 pm, 6 pm, or 7 pm session.

Games for outdoor programs will begin between mid-May and early June, depending on the division, and run until the end of June or the beginning of July. Older divisions will have a post-season tournaments. Once registration is closed, names will be placed on a waiting list until April 2nd, with placement on a first-come-first-served basis, registration even prior to the deadline does NOT guarantee placement on a team.  However, Nibley City Recreation will make every effort to find a place for your child as long as there are appropriate team #'s and volunteer coaches to support a team.  Any registration processed after the March 16th deadline is subject to a $10.00 late fee if we are able to place them on a team (with the exception of those added to the waiting list prior to March 16th).

Tenative Season Schedule 



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