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gas stationThe Nibley City Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to receive comment on the proposed Transportation Master Plan Update.

WHEN: November 8, 2018 at 5:30 or as soon thereafter can be heard

WHERE: Nibley City Hall 455 W 3200 S Nibley Utah


You are invited to attend and give comment to the Planning Commission. You can review the full Proposed Transportation Master Plan Update below or please visit Nibley City Hall. If you have any questions, please give Stephen Nelson, City Planner, a call at (435) 752-0431. Written comment is welcome, and must be received before the Public Hearing.

Proposed Transportation Master Plan

2016 General Plan

     Nibley City Annexation Policy Plan 2018 (A appendix to the General Plan)

     Future Land Use Map 2018 (A appendix to the General Plan)

2016 Town Center Design Study (NOTE: this is not an adopted master plan.  This is a series of concepts that serves as an appendix to the General Plan.

Economic Development Plan

Water Conservation Plan

Water Master Plan

Parks, Trails, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan

Transportation Master Plan

      Street Master Plan

Zoning Map: Zoning on each parcel may change through approval by the City Council. Some parcel may apply for an R-PUD to receive increased density

     R-PUD Application Map Area

Sewer Master Plan

Sanitary Sewer Management Plan

Stormwater Master Plan

Acrobat or another PDF reader are required to view these pages.


 Acrobat or another PDF reader are required to view these pages.

All application must be turned in two weeks before a scheduled meeting and comply with Nibley City code in order to be placed on the agenda. Dates are listed in the current years Meeting Schedule.

Planning Commission By-Laws

Planning Commission 2019 Schedule





gas stationThe City Council will discuss and consider the proposed Transportation Master Plan Update

When: January 24, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.

Where: Nibley City Hall, 455 W 3200 S Nibley UT 84321

You can learn more about the Transportation Master Plan by reviewing the plan at the link below or contacting Nibley City Office. The City will accept written comments before the meeting, these comments can be submitted to Nibley City Hall in the mail or in person, or they can be emailed to stephen@nibleycity.com

Nibley City Draft Transportation Master Plan


Contact - Austen Powell

Business Department



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Mission Statement

The mission of Nibley City is to make life better for its citizens by fostering community cooperation so residents, businesses, and government work together to develop the City in harmony with its natural environment, historical surroundings, and in accordance with the values and vision of the community as set forth in the General Plan. The City will provide fiscally sound municipal services for a safe, attractive, creative, and viable community.