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Nibley is currently using the ICC 2015 Codes as amended by the state of Utah


Building permit application:   free-house-construction-plans-ORIGINAL

Build Permit Packet Application: For new building construction

Building Permit Application

Accessory Building Application

Fence Permit


General requirements of paperwork to be submitted with application:

-        Two copies of engineered stamped,(if applicable) to-scale plans; (Electronic plans and application can be emailed to austen@nibleycity.com)

-        To-scale plot plan showing setbacks and location of project/building as well as intended location of utility services

-        Engineering calculations, manual J,S,D, and res-check paperwork

-        SWPPP Compliance( if necessary)


-        Please allow up to two weeks from the date of submittal for processing. You will be contacted by phone/email with an exact total amount due and when you can pick up and pay for your building permit.

home-under-construction-rishichhibberRequired inspections:

Inspections will vary depending on the project. A list of required inspections will be included upon issuance of building permit.




Building deposit:

A building deposit of $1000.00 will be charged with other fees. The deposit is refundable at the end of the project provided all inspections have been completed, job site has been kept free from garbage, porti-jons have been on site, and city sidewalks/curbs are not cracked, etc. Any violations will be deducted from deposit.

Building permit fee and plan check fee:

The building permit fee and plans check fee are based on the valuation of the project on the building permit application, be sure to provide an estimated valuation when filling out an application.

Storm water fee:              $100.00

Water meter: (cost of meter)

1” water meter:  $700.00

2” water meter: $1500.00

3” water meter: $2994.00

4” water meter: $3942.00


Water impact fee:

1” water meter: $1,950.00

2” water meter: $6,241.00
3” water meter: $11,701.00

4” water meter: $23,403.00

Sanitary Sewer impact fee: (based on size connection of water service)

1” water meter:                $1,725.00

2” water meter:                $5,520.00

3” water meter:                $10,349.00

4” water meter:                $20,698.00

Road impact fee:

Single family detached house:                     $467.00 per unit

Apartment:                                                      $324.00 per unit

Condominium/Townhouse:                         $286.00 per unit

Retail store:                                                     $2,803.00 per 1,000 square feet

Office:                                                               $1,107.00 per 1,000 square feet

Light Industrial:                                               $341.00 per 1,000 square feet

Warehousing:                                                  $242.00 per 1,000 square feet

Education:                                                        $618.00 per 1,000 square feet

Hotel:                                                                $436.00 per room

Food Services (fast food)                              $4,393.00 per 1,000 square feet

Gas station with Convenience store:         $$7,950.00 per fueling station

Church:                                                             $445 per 1,000 square feet

Park Impact fee:

$4500.00 per single family unit

$4500.00 per multi family unit



Other Links:

      Nibley Common Plan SWPPP Template

     State of Utah Notice of Intent (NOI)

Contact - Austen Powell

Business Department



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Mission Statement

The mission of Nibley City is to make life better for its citizens by fostering community cooperation so residents, businesses, and government work together to develop the City in harmony with its natural environment, historical surroundings, and in accordance with the values and vision of the community as set forth in the General Plan. The City will provide fiscally sound municipal services for a safe, attractive, creative, and viable community.